How to Survive WithOut Job

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If you lost your job, it’s okay to be devastated. But being devastated will get you nowhere. To help you get back on track, listed below are some dos and don’ts that you should greatly consider

How to Survive Without Job

  • Do not panic. The immediate aftermath of losing your job can be extremely stressful and you tend to lose focus on the next steps that you should take. However, when you go into panic mode, make sure that you snap out of it, after an hour or so. Keep in mind that a loss of job simply makes you available to more opportunities than you won’t be able to clearly see if you are still dwelling on what happened to you.
  • Do accept your situation. Yes, you can validate your right to feel devastated and it’s normal for you to feel stressed about losing your job. However, keep in mind that stressing about it over and over again will not change your situation. What you have to do is to slowly accept your situation so you can act in ways that can help you overcome your career setback.
  • Look for help online. While you are on the hunt for a new job, why not open yourself up to opportunities online? You can take free paid surveys like Opinion Outpost which provides participants cash and other rewards. If you want a great list of survey sites then do visit This site lists user reviews and ratings of people who have actually taken surveys and earned money online. This is a great savior and it will surely help you receive the much needed motivation.
  • Do not use your retirement account. When you don’t have any money coming in, you may be easily tempted to use your retirement account. Although you could, to help you find a new job, make sure that you have a good plan that will enable you to bring that money back. Never use your retirement savings blindly. Make sure that you list down the amount of money you use every time and discipline yourself in returning all that money back.
  • Do Create a Different Set of Priorities. When you have been accustomed to a certain standard of living, it may be extremely tough to adjust downward but this step is very important. You have to separate your needs from your wants and make necessary changes that will enable you to live off with your current financial situation.
  • Do not avoid your creditors. Sometimes, pride can get in the way when you need to ask for help. It is okay to feel ashamed, but if you need help, then you need to swallow your pride and simply ask for help. If you are already having a tough time tending to your financial responsibilities, make sure that you let your creditors know. They might be able to ease your burden a little bit by allowing you to make partial or no payments during a certain period of time or come up with a new payment structure that might make it easier for you to make your monthly payments.
  • Do Review your Health Insurance. Sometimes, losing your job means losing your health insurance as well. Private plans are extremely expensive so look for other options before you resort to it. If you can be a dependent of your spouse’s health insurance, take advantage of it.
  • Do not isolate yourself. The shame of being unemployed makes people isolate themselves from others. However, this is not healthy and contributes more to the negative feelings that you may be keeping. Therefore, even if you don’t feel like it, make an effort to socialize and be productive. This will give you more chances and make you available to more opportunities.
  • Don’t neglect yourself. Losing a job is sad but if you stay sad for too long, it could make you an emotional wreck which might make it harder for you to get back on your feet. Therefore, take care of yourself. Exercise to relieve you of stress, do some yoga or meditation and try to be nice and smile at people.

Unemployment can be devastating and it can be tough to anyone who is going through with it. However, look on the bright side! Unemployment is temporary and will even make you available to other opportunities. Still not convinced? Then read about 15 tips to survive job loss.

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