Top Jobs for New Mothers Working from Home

With a newborn, the tasks of working and childcare may seem conflicting. With the rise of home-based jobs, however, both are possible.

As a new parent, you and your partner are probably still reveling in the glow of your infant son’s or daughter’s arrival. While you may have taken some time off, your life will soon resume to normal, and part of that involves going back to work. For many new mothers, staying home to care for a newborn is often considered a full-time job. However, for most, earning an income is also important.

Finding the Right Job

Prior to embarking on a stay-at-home career, you will need to consider your personal skills, interests, and educational or other qualifications before applying for a job. As with standard corporate careers, home-based jobs vary in their requisite skill level, educational requirements, and previous relevant work. Some stay-at-home careers–particularly those in the fields of medicine, finance, and technology–require higher levels of knowledge and previous work experience.

After locating a job and determining a time commitment, recognize that you will probably need to make changes to your daily routine and lifestyle to play the dual roles of mother and employee. Lastly, many people report feeling more confident and productive when they dress for work in the morning, even if they do not plan on leaving the house. This is particularly true for women who previously worked in a standard office setting. If you feel that looking the part will help you, too, certainly dress for the occasion.

Top Jobs for New Mothers Working from Home

Options and Opportunities for Home Mom

When you picture your dream job as a stay-at-home mother, what does it entail? Are you skilled in the fields of medicine, finance, or computer technology? Perhaps you are an excellent baker, chef, or pastry maker, and have never had the chance to sell your goods.  If you hold a degree in the field of education, you might look into becoming a tutor. Many mothers who go this route invite students to their homes for private or small group sessions.

Jobs That Pay

Just like their corporate counterparts, some stay-at-home jobs are more lucrative than others. According to an article citing the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, several of these careers can bring in six-figure salaries. This category includes new, diverse careers in the healthcare sector, such as home-based physicians and radiologists. Medical transcriptionists and registered nurses who work from home also have the potential to earn a significant income.

Juggling the demands of both motherhood and career may seem difficult, but it is certainly possible. The potential for women to stay at home and continue to work is facilitated by the increase in the number of companies that allow employees to work from home. Whether you are looking for a high-paying job or fun and entertaining diversion from the demands of new motherhood, there are many exciting career options available.

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