Top 10 Essential Web Apps for Business Owners

In the fast-paced world of corporate communications, using the best apps is vital to surviving and staying ahead of the competition. In the growing digital age, a successful business requires more than just a friendly face and a reliance on friends, family, and loyal customers for support. Savvy business owners know that while good customer service and friendly staff members still play a role in helping them to earn a good reputation, increasing ROI and sales requires being plugged into the latest and greatest social media and electronic tools, including apps and other web features.

Survival of the Fittest

As a business owner, you want to get a leg up on the competition. Polls and trends indicate that many customers, probably yours, as well, are quite tech-savvy. Over half of all American consumers own Smartphones, and nearly three quarters belong to Facebook. These tools have become essential for business growth, but corporations worldwide are turning to apps to make doing business easier. Consumers are quickly getting used to–and expecting–their favorite brands and companies to keep providing newer and faster services.

Top 10 Essential Web Apps for Business Owners

So now that you know the secret to keeping your customers happy and keeping up with the pack of fast-paced corporate commerce, how do you get started?

Critical Web Apps

If you want to stay ahead of the corporate curve and impress your customers with your networking skills, these are the apps to assist with that:

  1. Evernote. Many business owners find this app quite valuable for staying organized as their business grows. Evernote allows you to organize, save, and store all your thoughts and ideas electronically. It can be conveniently synched to desktops and laptops.
  1. Wunderlist. To help you manage tasks and sort out your day, you can use a wonderful app called Wunderlist. This tool may seem frivolous, but it significantly reduces the amount of time you waste trying to organize and remember trivial tasks.
  1. UberConference. For B2B communications, more and more business owners are using the UberConference app, which is an app that syncs to Smartphones and allows you to attend virtual meetings.
  1. Mint. If you complete sales electronically, this web-based app makes managing and tracking online finances a breeze. It provides a window of transparency too, allowing you to keep close track of revenue coming in as well as where your funds are going.
  1. Expensify is similar in design and function to Mint. It also serves the purpose of tracking e-finances, and allows you to see who your funds are going to, and what sources they are coming from.

Essential Mobile Apps

As with the internet, mobile devices are increasingly popular and useful tools for business owners. In addition to Smartphones, many Americans own Iphones, and use these devices to download strategic apps to contact businesses and micromanage.

  1. QuickOffice Connect is an app that iPhone-owning business travelers should consider. This item acts as an office-on-the-go tool, enabling users to view, edit, and create documents, which can be stored on Iphones and uploaded to computers.
  1. DropBox is another great app for micromanaging. It is equally useful in the office and for traveling salesmen and executives. With this tool you can share and swap files, folders, and Microsoft Office documents.
  1. Scan R Business Center. This app is a complementary tool for QuickOffice Connect. It is available to iPhone and Smartphone users, and allows users to scan, fax, and print documents from their phones.
  1. Scanner Pro is a more basic app than the Scan R Business Center, and is compatible with iPhones. With this app, users can scan, print, and fax documents from their iPhones.
  1. TripIt. This app is a valuable frequent flyer aid. TripIt connects to both Smartphones and iPhones, and functions as a trip planner and organizer. It allows you to store and send your itinerary, keep track of events, and schedule activities.

In the tech-savvy corporate climate, web apps like Evernote and Wunderlist help keep you organized, while Mint and Expensify are must-haves for financial management. For business-to-business transactions, lets you get in touch with your corporate allies at a moment’s notice.

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